Chipotle Chicken Club

Jack in the Box Chipotle Chicken Club Review

The Jack in the Box Chipotle Chicken Club combo is back. Jack in the Box delivers another great tasting combo meal at a value price. In this combo, you get a drink, fries and a hearty 9.3 ounce spicy chicken sandwich, all for just $4.99.

Chipotle Chicken ClubTo sample the Chipotle Chicken Club I went to the Jack in the Box at 9337 Mission Gorge Road, Santee CA, 92071. I tried the sandwich on two different occasions from this location. For my first visit, the sandwich was great. The second visit was not so great. There were many problems with my second visit. First, the sandwich was cold. The chicken was dry and overcooked. The hickory smoked bacon was also overcooked and too crunchy. I got a horrible piece of lettuce that was only the hard white core. If I had not already had a good experience with the first Chipotle Chicken Club sandwich I would have had to give this sandwich a big thumbs down.

Chipotle Chicken ClubMy first Chipotle Chicken Club was much better, so I am going to base my review on my first visit. To start of with, on my first visit I was served a hot and fresh sandwich. The spicy chicken breast patty was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The hickory smoked bacon had good flavor and just the right amount of crunch. The lettuce was green and crisp and the tomato was fresh. The toasted sourdough bread held together well. Even with the spiciness of the chipotle sauce, the American cheese flavor still comes through. The chipotle sauce adds the right amount of spicy that does not overstay its welcome. The mild and spicy ingredients work well together to balance out the flavor of this sandwich.

Chipotle Chicken Club Nutrition

Chipotle Chicken Club
Jack in the Box Chipotle Chicken Club Nutrition Facts

The Jack in the Box Chipotle Chicken Club is a hearty sandwich at 9.3 ounces and 687 calories. The 687 calories use up a little over a third of your daily calorie allowance, based on 2,000 calories per day. At 36 grams, you are using up over half of your Total Fat allowance for the day. Calories from fat are 328. Saturated Fat is 8 grams. There are zero Trans Fats. Cholesterol is in line for a sandwich of this size at 78 mg. Total Carbohydrates are good at 55 grams. You get 3 grams of Dietary Fiber and 6 grams of Sugars. A huge plus is that this sandwich has a lot of Protein at 35 grams. The following are the known allergens for the Chipotle Chicken Club: Eggs, Milk, Soy and Wheat.


The Chipotle Chicken Club from Jack in the Box is a great tasting sandwich that serves up the right amount of a spicy punch without the long aftertaste. The Chipotle Chicken Club is a hearty sandwich that is a little high in calories and very high in Fat, however, you do get plenty of protein. In addition, at $4.99 for a combo that includes fries and a drink you are getting a lot of sandwich for your money.

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