Egg White Delight

Can McDonald’s Egg White Delight Combine Nutrition and Taste?

Egg White Delight

It has been widely reported that McDonald’s Egg White Delight delivers 50 fewer calories than the Egg McMuffin. However, you need to know all the nutrition facts to determine if those lower calories translate into a healthier sandwich. Taste is also an important factor if you are going to include the Egg White Delight as part of a healthier diet on a regular basis. I will cover in detail the Nutrition Facts for the Egg White Delight compared to the Egg McMuffin. I will also let you know how the Egg White Delight stacks up for taste.

Ingredients for the McDonald’s Egg White Delight

McDonald’s did more than just remove the yoke from the Egg McMuffin to create the Egg White Delight. Almost every ingredient has changed.

Let me start with the Egg Whites. In the past, fast food restaurants have had a bad reputation for delivering less than real food. However, in this case McDonald’s really does deliver real egg whites and nothing more. No fillers, no artificial flavors, no long list of ingredients that look more like a science experiment than food. The egg whites are also prepared using liquid margarine.

Next is the cheese. Here McDonald’s replaces the Pasteurized Process American Cheese with Pasteurized Process White Cheddar Cheese. With the main ingredients consisting of real Milk, Water, Cheese Culture and Cream, this cheese is looking good.

The English muffin used for the Egg White Delight is also new and has 8 grams of Whole Grains. The Whole Grain English Muffin used in the Egg White Delight will also replace the English muffin for all breakfast items that use an English muffin. The English muffin also has liquid margarine sprayed on.

The Canadian bacon also looks good. McDonald’s Canadian bacon starts with real pork. The rest of the ingredients are standard for making Canadian bacon. This is the same Canadian bacon as is used in the regular Egg McMuffin.

All in all the basic ingredients for the Egg White Delight do make for a wholesome breakfast. There is not much in the way of extra ingredients. There are a few preservatives used but this is normal for the ingredients used.

Tasting the McDonald’s Egg White Delight

It seems that the April 22 date was not the official start date for the Egg White Delight. It was really the date that the product was to start shipping to the restaurants. So, I was not able to get an Egg White Delight on April 22. It was several days before I finally found one at the McDonald’s at 2796 Main Street in San Diego, CA. It was not on the menu yet but I was able to ask for one. As usual for this particular store, the service was fast and friendly. The Egg White Delight that I was served was hot and fresh.

The egg whites had a good volume that made them light and fluffy. I like the White Cheddar Cheese better than the American cheese. The mild flavor complemented the egg whites without overpowering it as I think the American cheese would have. The saltines of the Canadian bacon works very well with the egg whites. I thought a whole grain English muffin would be dry and grainy. However, McDonald’s is somehow able to provide a healthier better tasting English muffin while maintaining the consistency of the original. Overall, I like the mild flavor of the Egg White Delight.

Nutrition Facts for the McDonald’s Egg White Delight

Does saving only 50 calories translate into a healthier meal? In this case, yes. Those 50 calories all come from fat so you are also reducing the calories from fat by 50. This in turn gives you 5 less grams of total fat and 2 less grams of Saturated fat. The most significant nutrition fact that you save on though is from Cholesterol. You go from 260 mg, which was 87% of your daily allowance, down to only 25 mg. Now you are only using 8% of you daily allowance for Cholesterol. Another positive is that you get one more gram of fiber. Everything else remains the same.

Egg White Delight
McDonald’s Egg White Delight Nutrition Facts

The nutrition facts for the Egg White Delight are as follows. It has only 250 Calories, 110 Calories from Fat, Total Fat of 7 grams, Saturated Fat of 3 grams, no Trans Fat, Cholesterol of 25 mg, 780 mg of Sodium, Total Carbohydrates are 32 grams, 5 grams of Dietary Fiber, 3 grams of Sugars and 18 grams of Protein. The following are the known allergens for the Egg White Delight sandwich: egg, soy lecithin, wheat and milk.

The McDonald’s Egg McMuffin is also Made Healthier

Egg White Delight

Egg White Delight
McDonald’s Egg McMuffin Updated Nutrition Facts

The McDonald’s Egg McMuffin is made with a freshly cracked Grade A egg with extra lean Canadian bacon, a slice of American cheese and now using the same toasted whole grain English muffin used by the Egg White Delight. Overall, the nutrition facts for the Egg McMuffin are only slightly changed. There are two additional grams of Carbohydrates. However, these extra Carbohydrates are the good Carbohydrates as this adds 2 grams of Dietary Fiber. With only 300 calories, 110 calories from fat, 12 grams of fat, 5 grams of saturated fat, 0 trans fat, 260 mg cholesterol, 780 mg of sodium, 32 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of dietary fiber, 3 grams of sugar and 18 grams of protein. The following are the known allergens for the Egg McMuffin sandwich: egg, soy lecithin, wheat and milk.


The McDonald’s Egg White Delight is a great tasting breakfast sandwich that is also nutritious and satisfying. The price for the Egg White Delight is $3.99 and is the same price as the Egg McMuffin. If you are looking to reduce your cholesterol intake significantly then this is a great option without giving up taste. You can also substitute egg whites on any breakfast item that includes eggs. This includes breakfast sandwiches and breakfast platters.

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