Review of the McDonald’s Daily Double Cheeseburger

After watching the commercials for the McDonald’s new Daily Double cheeseburger, I had to try one. At first this looks a lot like one of my favorite McDonald’s burgers, the McDLT or the Big N’ Tasty. So I thought this has to be good. Here is my review of the McDonald’s Daily Double Cheeseburger.

What is a McDonald’s Daily Double

To try this burger I went through the drive thru at the McDonald’s on 2796 Main Street in San Diego. The service was quick and both drive thru employees were friendly. The Daily Double was served fresh and hot. At first I thought maybe I got the wrong sandwich as this looks to be the size of a McDouble not a Quarter Pounder. So I opened it up and yes this is the Daily Double. Basically you get a McDouble with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and larger onions replacing the mustard, ketchup and chopped onions. See the photos of the Daily Double both open and closed. As you can see everything looks fresh and looks very appetizing.
Review of the McDonald's Daily Double CheeseburgerReview of the McDonald's Daily Double Cheeseburger


So how did it taste? It was good, not great, but good. The extras did not add much to the taste to make this much better than a regular McDouble. It needed something with a little bite to it, maybe pickles or Big Mac Sauce instead of the mayo.


My main issue with this burger is that I am not sure I agree with McDonald’s that this burger is an Extra Value Menu item at $1.99. When you can get a McDouble for half the price, it does not seem to be a value to pay double the price for some lettuce, a slice of tomato, some mayo and some fresh onions. If it is going to be on the “Extra Value Menu” it should have been $1.49 to be a value.


When it comes to Nutrition for the Daily Double is not bad when compared to the McDouble. The Daily Double has only 50 more calories at 440 calories and only 5 more grams of fat at 24 grams when compared to the McDouble. The protein at 23 grams and carbohydrates at 33 grams are the same as the McDouble. The real surprise is that the Daily Double is lower in sodium at 810 milligrams, 20 milligrams less than the McDouble. This may be due to the fact that the McDouble uses reconstituted onions and there may be extra sodium used as a preservative in those onions.


In summary, the McDonald’s Daily Double is a little better tasting than the McDouble. For nutrition it is only slightly worse than the McDouble, except for sodium where it is better. As to value, the Daily Double is not worth double the price of a McDouble.

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